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Raissa Lily Marks, Principal

With over 20 years in the non-profit sector, Raissa is a collaborative leader with a passion for healthy communities and the people within them. She has extensive experience leading diverse groups and stakeholders through consensus-based decision-making processes. Raissa is a strategic thinker with experience in policy work at both the federal and provincial levels. She is fluent in English and French thanks to her upbringing and work in New Brunswick, Canada’s only bilingual province. She currently lives in Montreal.

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Design and Facilitation

Whether for coalition building, strategic planning, or developing collaborative action, Raissa listens closely to your needs, designs a process to meet them, and leads your group through the process with competence and skill. 

Organizational Development

Raissa brings her extensive experience in organizational management and leadership to help you take your organization to the next level while considering your unique organizational context and culture. She has expertise in strategic planning, program evaluation, organizational governance, succession planning, and more.

Coaching and Mentorship

Whatever your organizational challenge, it’s likely Raissa has figured her way to a successful resolution in a similar situation! She has mentored her own staff and coached colleagues and volunteers on challenges such as workload management and work-life balance, board-staff relationships, collaborative partnership development, and staff retention.


“Raissa joined our team a few weeks before we hosted a large, in-person gathering. She brought a calm and deliberate approach to planning and facilitating, and expertly guided a diverse group to a result everyone was proud to have contributed to.”
Jamie Kirkpatrick, Program Manager
Blue Green Canada

“You did a great job leading us through our strategic planning process, particularly with the challenge of working with us all remotely. An enormous thank you for all the time, effort, experience, creativity, and judgement you put into this.
I think you did a magical job.”
Sarah Van Exan, Executive Director

“Raissa has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer anyone in the non-profit sector. She helped our team understand all the fundamentals necessary to run our organization, including by-laws, policies, insurance, strategic planning, fundraising, government relations, communications, inclusion, event organizing, and succession planning.”
Chris White, Chair
Nova Scotia Environmental Network

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